Sunday, December 13, 2009


This is the funniest thing I have ever seen.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Hines Ward is a punk ass

Let me start off by saying, I hate the Steelers. I hate everything about their organization, I hate Ben Roethlisberger, Mike Tomlin, The Rooneys...screw them all.

But Hines Ward is a scumbag and a little punk for calling out his quarterback. The league's dirtiest player (as voted by his fellow NFL players). Called out Big Ben for not playing with a concussion against the Ravens. First of all Hines: know your role and shut your mouth-you are an aging player that is along for the ride on a good team. And second, Big Ben is the franchise player...he has won two superbowls and if he decides his life and well being of his brian is more important than a worthless regular season game against the Ravens then so be it. "I have lied to doctors before." All the more reason you are a dumbass. This shit would never happen on a Bill Belichick coached team. Do you think that Randy Moss or Wes Welker would ever call out Tom Brady? HELL NO.

So Hines, shut your pie hole and maybe try and make a few more plays to help your team win instead of publicly criticizing your quarterback. I hope someone knocks his teeth out the next time he flashes that goofy ass grin.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Call of Duty

Let me just say that my reason for lack of postings can completely be blamed upon Modern Warfare 2. Not only is this game addicting, it is perhaps the best game I have ever played. Online gameplay, as per xbox live standard, is unreal, and the graphics are mindblowing. After the Pats loss Sunday night I sat in front of my TV finishing the campaign until 4 in the morning. I swear I didn't blink once. I went to take a piss and my eyes looked like I had been on a 4 day coke binge.

Some people might say "Hey Geoff, how about you get yourself on the right track. Get a life." They're just not looking at it the right way. I still go to the gym in the AM before work. I still eat well. I have however cut back on my drinking, because it's impossible to snipe off someones head if i'm intoxicated. Its also gotten to the point that I want to play a round or two before going out, then suddenly it's 10 o'clock, and I elect to stay in and save the money. So if you're looking at this the right way, Call of Duty is improving my liver's health, and boosting my bank account. Take that Naysayers.

All in all though, if you have an xbox and don't play this game, you suck. And if you have a PS3, suck it. Your online gameplay blows.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

What the fuck

There is no measure to how mind blowingly pissed off I am about the horseshit end to the football game I just watched. I am so mad I am speechless.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Someone pummel Zaza Pachulia

Zaza Pachulia deserves to be beaten severely. Not just for how disgustingly hideous he is, or for how offensively bad he is at basketball, or even at how awful he is at life. He mainly deserves to be beaten for this website.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Randy Moller is the shit

In honor of the Bruins playing the Panthers tonight.

Now I am not one to complain about the Bruins commentating, we pretty much have it made here. But this guy is fucking gold, if you don't think this is hilarious, check your pulse.

Manosphere quote of the day...

"My goal for this weekend is to not put pants on."-Will Reddy